Why I Hate Your Web App

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I think everyone I know online has a great idea for a web application or website with some functionality behind it. We all believe that we have that one killer idea that if only we had the time to get it done would make us millionaires. Looking at some of the successful startups in the past, it’s amazing how often one thinks that they could’ve created it just as easily.

我想每个常在网上的人都一个很好的想法,关于在线应用或有某些功能的网站. 我们都相信只要我们一有时间把这个”杀手极”的想法付诸实现,就会成为百万富翁. 看看过去的一些成功的创新吧, 人们通常认为自己也能轻松的实现, 这太令人惊异了.
* Tumblr    * Flickr    * Titer    * Facebook

Does any of those look like sites you couldn’t at least emulate the basic functionality of in no time at all? When a web service, web application or website makes it big, there are always those in the crowd that say they could create the site over a weekend because they don’t understand the big deal behind it. Yet, if they attempt to duplicate the success of the thing they are implementing they fail miserably.

这些网站看起来是不是你可以很快就把它们的基本功能给模仿出来? 当一些网络服务,网页应用,或者网站越做越大时, 总会有人出来叫嚣他可以用一个周末就建好这样的网站, 那是因为他们不明白隐于其后的大想法. 但是, 如果他们试着去复制这样的成功, 那等待他们的结局只有失败.

Maybe you are working on the next big thing right now and can’t wait to put it in the hands of users. Maybe you have already put your hard work in the hands of the community and they just weren’t as receptive as you had hoped they would be. Here are reasons that I hate what you created.

或许你正在做一件大事,等不及的想把它给到用户手里. 或许你已经把你的大作提交到了社区, 他们只是没有像你想像的那样接受它. 这里有几点, 为什么我讨厌你的东西(在线应用).
No Community
When a website is based around a community it sucks to go to it and there is no community to be found…
如果一个网站是基于社区的, 用户访问后却找不到社区的影子那是多么糟糕的事.

Reddit is a great example of this. It never had the shiny design that other sites in its genre had, but it developed a strong community that made you forget the look of the site. You go to Reddit for the community, not to be impressed by the latest technology or design.

Reddit 是一个很好的例子. 它没有华丽的设计, 但它有一个强大的社区让你忘了去关注它的外表. 你访问Reddit 是因为这个社区, 而不是因为最新的技术或设计.

I Can Only Use Your Site When I’m On Your Site
Could you imagine how small Titer would still be if there were no applications for it? The ability to use Titter without actually having to go to Titter is what makes it so appealing to me and others. Some websites are mean to be visited, like Gmail, while others like Titter become valuable when they let their data roam free.

你能想像如果没有众多的应用, Titter 会有多小么? 正是因为不必访问糨就可以使用它(开放API), 使它对于我和别人有如此吸引. 一些网站需要去访问,如Gmail, 而其它如Titter却因为开放数据而变得更有价值.
Facebook offers you limited ways to interact with the site outside of it, but most people don’t mind going to it. If there really is no incentive to visit your site and the data doesn’t need to be protected, then please give me a way to use the site without having to be there. It doesn’t mean I will never go back to the site, but sometimes I just need to get something from the site and don’t need to experience everything about the site at the moment.
“非死不可”提供的外部交互方式少之又少, 但多数人并不介意访问它. 如果真的没有什么能吸引人们访问,或者数据并不需要保护起来(针对私秘性), 那就让我从外部访问你的站点吧. 这并非意味着我不再回来, 只是有时我想要从你的站点获取点东西时并不想直接访问那里.


What Is It You Do Again?
These two website
posterous : posterous is the dead simple place to posteverything. just email us.
tumblr :   The easiest way to blog.
You might think that there isn’t much different between the two, but to me the difference is huge. On Tumblr when I see the tagline, it lets me know exactly what the site was made for. If I want to blog easily I can go there and do it.

你可能认为这两个网站没什么区别, 但对于我来说,差别大着喱. 在 Tumblr时, 当我看到这标题, 就让我明白这个网站究竟是做什么的. 如果我是想更轻松的写博客,那我可以到那去.


Your Competition Is Better
Let’s face it, you think you created the next great thing, but you didn’t even create something that is the best in its category. My sole email account used to be on Yahoo! Mail. Gmail came along and simply offered a better product. There was no reason for me to switch emails and you know how hard it can be for some people to let go of things they had forever, but Gmail was so far above and beyond Yahoo that I had no problem making the switch.

面对现实吧, 你认为你创造了下一个伟大的产品, 但事实是,它甚至在同一类的产品中都不是最好的. 我曾用Yahoo邮箱, Gmail的出现提供了晚好的产品. 对于我来说没有理由换邮箱, 而且你知道要放弃一直使用的东西多么困难. 但Gmail的确更好, 所以我就是换了.


Sweet, Another Registration Form
When the signup form is short and sweet I have no problem signing up. However, that doesn’t mean I want to signup and have to remember another login/password combo. With Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect and OpenID, I don’t have to worry about logins anymore.
注册表格越来越简单和好看了,注册也更方便了. 但是, 那并不意味着我想要注册并记住一对账号和密码. 用 Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect和 OpenID, 我再不用担心登陆问题了.


I Forget About You
How many sites have you signed up with, used for a couple of minutes then completely forgot about? You know when sites report the number of users they have and you think to yourself that 90% of those users have to be people that registered and never returned to the site.
你注册了多少网站, 使用了几分钟然后完全忘记掉? 当一个站点声称有多少用户时,你知道其中90%都只是注册过但从来没回访过.


The Design Sucks
You aren’t a designer, you are a programmer, but that is no reason to make things harder to use.
你不是一个设计师, 你是个程序员, 但那不是你整出个东西非常难用的理由.


If you are in the process of creating a new web app then think about why people won’t want to use your site. Think about why you don’t use other services. It’s not an exact science and there is still a large chance you will not reach the epic proportions that you always dreamed of, but at least you can better your odds. And really I don’t hate your Web App, I just don’t see a need to use it.

如果你正在创建一个新的网络应用, 那么仔细想想人们为什么要用你的网站. 想想你为什么不用别的服务. 这样说不是很科学,你真的极不可能做到你所想像的那样, 但你可以把你的家伙做好一点. 真的, 我并不讨厌你的网页应用, 只是我并没看到为什么要用它.


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